Esther Short Building

Renewing a Downtown Jewel


The Esther Short Building is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver adjacent to City Hall and Esther Short Park. A formerly vacant building, the remodel of the 32,800 sf building brings new life and business to the area by providing office space for six tenants (including LSW Architects) and a community gathering space.

Key Stats

Square Footage




Reconnecting with Nature

The majority of the exterior improvements aim to create a more welcoming building that is in-sync with its surroundings. New landscaping on the park side of the building makes the building more visible and creates an inviting entry. The West Park Community Room opens to a renovated patio on the North side, creating an attractive meeting area.

The first floor of the building was constructed in the 1970s with the second-floor addition occurring in the ‘90s. This resulted in a number of unique design elements including a sculptural stair in the main lobby and glass enclosures at the main and West lobbies.

The building also has an abundance of glazing around the perimeter that provides plentiful natural light for each of the tenant spaces. The rest of the building has been renovated to include new interior finishes and areas for art display.