LSW Architects Welcomes Interior Designer, Missy Sherratt

Written March 02, 2021 by LSW Admin

LSW Architects is pleased to welcome Interior Designer, Missy Sherratt, to the studio team. Missy brings a storied background in mixed-use and residential design, having built her career in the hilly suburbs of Los Angeles and Orange County. 

As a designer, Missy’s upbringing in eclectic LA has informed the way she views textiles, colors, and shapes work together to inform the story of a space. “I’m really excited about starting projects in a different environment with new surroundings, and growing from this experience,” she said, speaking about her position at LSW. “I love to take things I see in nature and apply them to my design somehow. Whether it is simply choosing natural elements that make a place feel at peace or adding colorful floral to liven up an area.” 

The team here at LSW is thrilled to welcome Missy.