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Raising the Bar for Students


In response to a growing need for a larger school with a dynamic curriculum, LSW worked with the Ridgefield School District on the design of a 148,800 sf facility.

This new campus houses two distinct schools – Sunset Ridge Intermediate School for grades 5-6 and View Ridge Middle School for grades 7-8, with shared core spaces. The two-level building accommodates 1200 students and has space for 44 classrooms.

To account for a large student population, the design was focused on flexibility of spaces, creating a layout that is easy to navigate and manage, and providing a safe, nurturing, and secure environment for students and staff.

Key Stats

Square Footage




Flow and Connectivity

The school’s layout is very intentional, taking into consideration the site's conditions and features. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) programs are important parts of the District’s vision and have been located at the front of the school as featured and celebrated components. To fully support the school’s Special Ed program, there are several rooms dedicated to individual and group learning, including a Life Skills, Therapy, and Sensory Play room.

The classroom wings are located to the South to maximize daylight. Connecting the two are the commons and the media center, facilitating easy access and giving students from the two schools a place to come together and interact.

Connection to Nature

One of the major site features is a wetlands area. Rather than viewing the wetlands as a limiting site factor, the design team chose to celebrate it as a learning opportunity, creating access and views through open courtyards.

Another key element of the site is the Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex. Developed in partnership with the City of Ridgefield and the Ridgefield School District, the complex provides expanded athletic field offerings and space for parking for use by the District and the community.

Energy Use Intensity